1. Can I use the fabric for a saree?

A particular fabric can be used for a saree but some customization is needed. The direction of the embroidery is customized in such a way that the fabric can be used for a saree. It is better to get in touch with our customer care executive and they will help you with your order personally.

2. How much fabric should I order for my attire?

The length of fabric that you want to order depends on the type of attire and your body size. Please get in touch with our customer care executive and give them the information about your body shape and size along with the sample image of the attire that you want to make.

3. How to get my order customized?

To get your Zarinama order customized, it would be best to get in touch with our customer care executive with the particular design or a concept that you want to be made and we’ll be able to help you accordingly.
We undertake customizations based on 3 details which you provide us -

  • The base color of your fabric.
  • The type of fabric you want your design on &
  • Your choice of design from our website.

  • If you can provide us with the above 3 we can definitely customize the fabric accordingly.

    4. How long till I receive my order?

    All Zarinama orders are made after you place your order. Therefore, each order takes anywhere between 8-12 days to manufacture and another 4-5 days till you receive it which is based upon where you stay and the connectivity of your pincode. A total of 12-15 days is an approximate time before you will receive an order.

    5. Is the fabric that I’m buying is pure silk / cotton?

    The fabric that you’re buying might not be pure silk or pure cotton. Please refer to the description mentioned below for each product to get proper information about the composition of the fabric.

    6. Why is Zarinama’s product so expensive?

    Zarinama’s products might seem expensive because of the following reasons.

  • Embroidery has always been a more expensive form of art.
  • All Zarinama’s products are made to order, therefore, we do not maintain any stock and a bulk production is not happening for anything you order. To produce your order, each time, it takes an additive cost to produce it.
  • Prices that you see on our website are inclusive of all taxes, shipping, packaging and handling and the prices displayed on the screen are the absolute prices that you have to pay.

  • 8. What attire can I make out of this fabric?

    The attire that you want to make out of any particular fabric depends upon the season and the usage that you have for it. It would be best to get in touch with our customer care executive so that they can assist you accordingly.

    9. Will there be a color difference between the images that are displayed on the website and the product that is delivered?

    There could be a slight difference in color between the images of the product that you see on the website and the product that will be delivered to you. This happens majorly due to the following reasons.

  • All of us use different devices which have different resolutions and different screen settings/brightness levels and the images might differ in color from user to user.
  • All our products are hand dyed. Since all our products are made to order, and therefore when a manual process is included in the fabric dying, there could be a slight 5-7% color difference between the images and the product that you receive.

  • 10. Can I get my order urgently?

    It is possible to get your order a little earlier than the time mentioned. In order to do so, you must get in touch with our customer care executive and inform them in particular of the urgency. They will confirm according to our production capacity, whether we will be able to supply or not.
    It is always better to get your urgent order made on a prepaid basis since we will not be wasting our time on order confirmations and therefore, we will process your order as soon as possible. We will make sure that the order is dispatched via air if possible without any extra charges.

    11. How do I confirm my order?

    A prepaid order is always considered to be confirmed whereas for Cash on Delivery order, a customer care executive will call you from on behalf of Zarinama. They will give you all the details and confirm your address and pincode and you can always ask them to make any changes if required. Once you confirm your order over a call, only then a Cash on Delivery order is sent for processing.

    12. Do I get a discount on bulk orders?

    There are no discounts on bulk orders as such. Since Zarinama promotes green production practices,we manufacture all orders after receiving them and an inventory of products is not maintained. Therefore, we don’t offer any major discounts on bulk orders.

    13. What are Zarinama’s exchange and return policies?

    You can refer to our return and exchange policy link given below. In short, an exchange or return is only possible if there’s damage or defect in the fabric received. A 5-7% percent of color difference has to be accepted by the customer and we won’t be able to oblige for the same.

    14. Can I get an image/video of the product that I want to order apart from the website?

    A picture or a video of the product that you want to order is not possible because of the reason that we do not maintain any stock of the product. Each product is manufactured individually for each customer after receiving the order and therefore, we don’t have any samples to show you.

    15. Why are all Zarinama’s products made to order?

    As Zarinama promotes a green manufacturing process, we believe in maintaining no inventory. This helps in bringing down the carbon emissions during production and also helps in reducing wastage, hence making the entire process eco-friendly. Our made to order also ensures that each and every customer gets fresh and defect-free produce. Also, this enables us to give an option for the customization of a particular product and we can make changes in a product which we have to make individually.

    16.Can I order a sample of the product that I want to order?

    We don’t supply samples or swatches of any product that you wish to order. However, we would suggest you to order in the minimum quantity i.e. 1.5 meters for embroidered fabrics to test out our quality.
    Please note that there might be a slight difference in color if you want to order the same product in more quantity since all the products are hand-dyed and they are dyed after you place an individual order.

    17. Why am I not getting my order on COD?

    There could be two possible reasons.

  • If a particular pin code is not serviceable by our courier partners.
  • If you have ordered from us previously on COD and didn’t accept the parcel when it arrived.

  • 18. Does Zarinama have a store?

    Zarinama does not have a store and cater to all its clients only through its online platform.

    19. Which city is Zarinama based out of?

    Zarinama is based out of Varanasi.

    20. Can we visit the Zarianama office to see the products?

    It is not advisable to visit the Zarinama office to see any samples or products as we do not maintain any inventory of the product that you see online.
    Also, to maintain the privacy of all the employees who work for Zarinama, we do not allow any visitors in the office.

    21.How to place my order on Zarinama?

    You can easily place your order through our website (www.zarinama.com) for both Cash on Delivery as well as prepaid.
    For custom orders, please reach out to our customer care executives, they help you place your order accordingly.

    22. Can we visit the Zarianama office to see the products?

    You can order a plain matching fabric for the bottom or a dupatta. It is advisable for you to get in touch with our customer care executive so that we can make a custom order for you. The only prerequisite is for you to make a prepayment for your custom order.

    23. Can I get a lining Fabric?

    We do have lining fabrics. You can get in touch with our customer care executive and they will be able to guide you accordingly but the order shall have to be on prepaid.

    24. Can this design be used for menswear?

    A particular design being used for menswear or not is a very individual choice, however, here are some designs that may be suitable for menswear.

    25. Can you pack and send my order as a gift?

    We can definitely pack your order and send it across as a gift. To get it packed as a gift, please get in touch with our customer care representative or drop a note with your order in the customer notes section.

    26. Why are all Zarinama products dry-clean only?

    All Zarinama products are dry-clean only majorly for two reasons-

  • Each fabric is hand-dyed and therefore if the product is washed, the color of the product might bleed.
  • Dry cleaning is recommended to maintain the quality of the embroidery for a longer period of time.

  • 27. What type of embroideries does Zarinama do?

    Zarinama does machine embroidery, hand embroidery, Aari embroidery, etc. To know more about the types of embroideries that we do, you can contact us on email or whatsapp.

    28. Why is the minimum order quantity 1.5 meters for the embroidered fabrics?

    The minimum order quantity for embroidered fabrics is 1.5 meters is for the simple reason that we do not maintain any stock or inventory of the designs that you see on the website. Since we manufacture fabrics for each order individually, there is a manufacturing limitation and a minimum requirement for embroideries that our machinery has to fulfill.

    29.I need one meter of fabric.

    Our minimum order quantity is 1.5 meters because all the fabrics are made to order and manufactured after we receive the order.However, we can manufacture 1 meter of the fabric for you as a custom order and the order shall be prepaid. Please note that the fabric length will be 1 meter and Embroidery length on the fabric will be 90-95 cm.