About Us

Zarinama- One Like None

At Zarinama, fabric is treated like a blank canvas and customers like artists. The company is a pioneer in the fabric business, designing and producing quality fabrics, as well as, embroidered material. We thrive on our production of a range of high-quality products, which are absolutely unique and exclusive.

The only thing Zarinama has changed over the years is the production process. With an aim to mitigate bulk manufacturing’s massive waste generation, we assume a Green Production approach with a Zero Wastage Model. Instead of maintaining an inventory stuffed with readymade goods, we strive to provide our customers with a blank canvas, allowing them to choose everything from the type of fabric, its colour, the colour of the threads for embroidery and so much more.


Our Focus

At Zarinama, we focus on three aspects:


On-demand Manufacturing to enhance personalization and waste reduction


Preservation of the environment and climate


Our customers, their desires, and their imaginations.




  • You choose the fabric, and we source it for you.
  • You choose the colour, and we get the fabric dyed.
  • We process the dyed fabric for enhanced quality.
  • You choose the threads, ideate the design and we embroider.
  • We apply the finishing touches on the embroidered fabric.
  • We pack, dispatch and deliver the finished product to you.

At Zarinama, each personalized piece of art is created with a lot of care. Owing to our intimate, on-demand production process, it may take 15 working days or more for your products to reach you. After all, it takes time to create masterpieces, and we’re lucky to have our customers on the same page.

To be a part of our journey, check out our offerings, and get in touch with your ideas. We will help you transform them into the fabric of your dreams. Together, let’s build a waste free, fashionable world.

Zarinama is a brand owned by FAB 89, founded in 2019.