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  • Amravati Jaal on Ivory Silk Organza

    1,880.00/Meter Add to cart
  • Sanobar Buti on Natural/Grey Cotton

    1,290.00/Meter Add to cart
  • Rabia Jaal on White Georgette

    1,830.00/Meter Add to cart
  • Nausheen sequins touch on White Georgette

    2,600.00/Meter Add to cart
  • Misbah Jaal on White Georgette

    2,020.00/Meter Add to cart
  • Sona Jaal on White Semi Zari Kota

    1,570.00/Meter Add to cart
  • Ridhi Buta on White Semi Zari Kota

    1,350.00/Meter Add to cart
  • Firoza Buta on Ivory Malmal

    1,580.00/Meter Add to cart
  • Abstract Floral Jaal on Ivory Silk Organza

    1,750.00/Meter Add to cart
  • Artsy floral Jaal on White Malmal

    1,420.00/Meter Add to cart
  • Raya On Natural Ivory Malmal

    1,700.00/Meter Add to cart
  • Suvira Bunch Buta on Cream Malmal

    1,650.00/Meter Add to cart
  • Haniya Jaal on White Georgette- Zarinama

    1,530.00/Meter Add to cart
  • Anandi On White Munga Kota-Zarinama

    1,160.00/Meter Add to cart
  • Misha On White Malmal- Zarinama

    1,430.00/Meter Add to cart
  • Athira On White Cotton- Zarinama

    2,780.00/Meter Add to cart